Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thesis progress - initial proposal- Urban farm to factory + mixed use development. St. Louis, Missouri

"The Mission is to create a mixed use development that sustainability 
generates resources through economically feasible means of production. The 
focus is to integrate use types in a way that diminishes the need for resources 
while creating them internally. In doing so the development generates a means 
for sustainability, not only through fixed resources but through community within, 
allowing it to be located within a neighborhood that borders adjacent 
infrastructure of services but are not necessarily connected. This urban private 
sector project will include street level commercial space while having residential, 
recreational and agricultural typologies within a single built environment.

St. Louis is a city in Missouri with a population of approximately 320,000
people. The city currently relies on outlying suburban municipalities to sustain
it’s presence as a city center. This said, the city is in a period of significant
redevelopment and has an influx of young professionals. A shift of focus has led 
developers and residents alike to look to the city for growth yet again. This 
subtle growth mixed with existing infrastructure and low cost land creates a 
market prime for new business concepts. 

Global demand for increasing ROI while maintaining environmental goals is not 
anything new. One major challenge in both generating profit and conserving 
resources is in logistics. The closer services and providers are, the more money
the business saves and less fossil fuels they waste." 

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